Community Meetings

     For the first Friday of March (March 3rd) I will be training for the NC State Blitz Championship, my last tournament for the forseeable future. I welcome and challenge all comers at the Three Blind Dice game shop near Hanes Park. The community meetings on the 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st will take place at the Boards near the Sawtooth Center on Marshall St. 

Blitz (5 minute)

     The WSCC continues its tradition of chess madness in March with the Winston Wars Blitz tournament. This will be held on Thursday, March 2nd at the Miller Park Community Center. As always, this is a 7 round, Game/5 event starting at 7:00p.m.; Registration ends at 6:45p.m. Bring your boards and clocks!

Quick (15 Minutes)

      The Winston Wars Quick will be on the 16th of March, at the same place and time as the blitz tournament. The time control is Game/15 with a 3-second delay for each side.

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