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I invite all of you to the Winston Wars Quick Edition this Thursday at our club location, The Miller Park Recreation Center. We are located at 400 Leisure Lane, Winston Salem NC, 27103. Stop by for some tough games from players of various styles, analysis/study sessions, and chess variants after the tournament!

The time control is Game/15;d3, which is 15 minutes for each side with a 5-second delay after each press of the clock. This is a good time control for practicing some openings and getting good games without sitting down for hours at a time. Registration for the 3-round event ends at 6:45 p.m., but you can email me ( if you are going to be late, want to register in advance, or want a 1st round bye (limited). THE PRIZE FOR FIRST PLACE is a copy of ‘The Art of Attack’ by Vladimir Vukovic. Our entry fee is $1 for paid members, and $3 for non-members. Hope to see you there.

WSCC is out and about! Club members will be invited to meet up on other times during the week, at different shops and venues around the city! This is to get a few more games in, expose our existence to different groups, and maybe catch a bite to eat! If any spectators have any questions, let’s put them first and invite them to the main meeting! Information will be posted on our Facebook (

Be there or be square!!



Tony Sanders

The Winston-Salem Chess Club currently holds 7-round blitz (G/5;d0) and 3-round quick (G/15;d3) on the first Thursday (blitz) and third Thursday of each month. Entry fee is $1 for WSCC members, $3 for non-members. Entrants must be current USCF members. All tournaments are USCF-rated. Players are asked bring a tournament-class set and clock if available.

Next up is Winston Wars Blitz on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

For complete information on our Quick tournaments see this link.

See here for more information on our Blitz tournaments.

Thursday, August 11 is casual chess night. We begin play around 6:00 p.m. at Miller Park Recreation Center.

Hi all,

My first lecture at the WSCC was a very informative experience for both the members and my self. as a lecturer and coach. Though I didn’t get to cover all of the material I prepared, I received constructive feedback about my outline that I will use in the next lecture. The lecture on the 25th wasn’t recorded, so I’d like to add a quick summary and annotation of the game for those who may have missed it!

Corus 2008 Topalov, V. – Kramnik, V. Semi Slav
1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. Bg5 h6 6. Bh4 dxc4 7. e4 g5 8. Bg3 b5 9. Be2 Bb7 10. O-O Nbd7 11. Ne5 Bg7
12. Nxf7!!! (1) 


A very fascinating move that abandons correctness for the double-edged positions in which Topalov thrives. The play in the text leads to high demands for black, where white has already studied.

12…Kxf7 13. e5

The natural continuation. Topalov will need to maintain pressure with the best moves. His trump is that Kramnik must maintain this perfection as well, or risk being in a losing position.

13…Nd5 14. Ne4 (avoiding unnecesssary trades and moving the knight closer to its destined d6 outpost) Ke7 (An inferior king move that attempts to evacuate the king to the queenside. Better was 14…Kg8)
15. Nd6 Qb6 (2) White may be a piece down, but I challenge the reader to find a good plan for black. The pieces are halted, especially the bishops


16. Bg4 You had to have seen the follow-up of this move before playing it. Again I mention the stones in the river, where the stones are the unmoving, static features of the position (As cited by Kotov), and the river is the calculatory course of action that must consider and respect these features. Here, e6 is a statis weaknesses due to it being blocked and poorly defended.

16…Raf8 17. Qc2 Qd4 18. Qg6 (3)Threatening a mate in two. Can you see it?


18… Qxg4 19. Qg7 Kd8 20. Nb7 Kc8 21. a4 b4 (if 21…Kxb7 22. Qxd7+ Kb8 [22… Nc7 23. axb5 cxd5?? Rxa7+!! mate in 3 ] 23. axb5)

22. Rac1 c3 23. bc3 b3 (23…bxc3 24.Rb1 c2 25. Nd6+ Kd8 26. Rb7 Nc7 )

24. c4 Rfg8 25. Nd6 Kc7 26. Qf7 Rf8 27. cxd5 (Topalov had other options that were less flashy: 27. Qg6 is a tight spot for the queen 27… Qb1 28. Nxe5 Ne4 = ; and 27. h3 Rxf7 28. hxg4 Nc4 29. Nxf7 Ne2+ 30. Kh2 Nxc1 31. Rxc1)

The rest of the game was an instructive example of how to eliminate counterplay and bring the point home. An endgame truly worthy of an hour or two of your study time!

27…Rxf7 28. Rxc6+ Kb8 29. Nxf7 Re8 30. Nd6 Rh8 31. Rc4 Qe2 32. dxe6 Nb6 33. Rb4 Ka8 34. e7 Nd5 35. Rxb3 Nxe7 36. Rfb1 Nd5 37. h3 h5 38. Nf7 Rc8 39. e6 a6 40. Nxg5 h4 41. Bd6 Rg8 42. R3b2 Qd3 43. e7 Nf6 44. Be5 Nd7 45. Ne6


There may be a part 2 lecture for this endgame, or covering the games of another player known for sharp positions. Emory Tate and Leonid Stein are the two masters that come to mind, then Geller and Korchnoi. Study their games if you want to understand more about sharp positions. Guess their moves, and compare them to the top 4 engine move evaluations!

Hi all,

Long time no see! It’s your favorite (or second favorite…i dunno) Scholastic Director, Colonel Sanders with a reminder to come down to the Third Winston Wars Quick tournament. The 3-round event is located at the Miller Park Rec Center, at 400 Leisure Lane, Winston Salem NC, 27103. After the event stick around for some blitz, study and banter.

I know the NCCA website says the Quick Tournament is on the 21st, but it is actually Thursday, September 22nd. I’ve gone through the proper channels to get this corrected, but there’s no response yet from the NCCA administration. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

As always, the Time Control is Game/15 with a 3-second delay. This is a great time control for practicing some openings and sharpening your vision, so if you have the time, also attend the Greensboro Quick Chess Tournament on the 28th!

And now, an update. The WSCC and Atkins Chess team have collaborated to plan a Standard Saturday 3-round Swiss in the near future. We hope this gives more options to the enthusiastic Triad Tournament Player, and are currently in the process of validating and confirming one of a potential few venues and dates. Consistent with the City and the High School Mascot, I have tentatively titled this tournament as the Camel City Open!! Attend the club meetings for the earliest scoop on developments.

Tony Sanders
Scholastic Director
Winston Salem Chess Club

Tony Sanders
Chess Coach and Scholastic Director, Tony Sanders, will be giving a lecture on the creation, identification, and psychology of sharp positions!

The lecture will be on September 15, and will start at 7:00 p.m.

UPDATE: Due to the sudden unavailability of a Tournament Director, the September 8 Blitz Tournament has been canceled.

Kick off your Labor Day weekend early with some nice casual chess games this evening, 5:30 – 9:45 pm at the Winston-Salem Chess Club!

September’s monthly Blitz tournament will take place next Thursday, September 8.

The Winston-Salem Chess Club currently hosts two USCF-rated tournaments each month:

  • Blitz – 7SS;G/5;d0 – first Thursday of each month – affects USCF “Blitz” Rating only (Next tournament: Thursday, September 1, 2016)
  • Quick – 3SS;G/15;d3 – third Thursday of each month – affects USCF “Quick” Rating (Next tournament: Thursday, September 15, 2016)

By vote of the board: Beginning September 1, entry fees for these tournaments will be:

  • $1 for members of the Winston-Salem Chess Club
  • $3 for non-members – everyone welcome!

Any chess player who wants to become a member of the Winston-Salem Chess Club may do so for an annual fee of $10.

For further information, contact us or come to any club meeting, 5:30pm to 9:45 pm every Thursday at the Miller Park Recreation Center.

Greensboro will be the site of the 2016 U.S. Masters tournament Aug. 25-29. Concurrently with that event, organizers will run the North Carolina Open (5-round Swiss-System rated) on a two- or three-day schedule, and students in grades K-12 may enter a 4-round Saturday Scholastic tournament for players rated U1000. See more details on the flyer.

The beautiful downtown Marriott in Winston-Salem will play host to the 43rd Annual Lipkin/Pfefferkorn Open tournament September 30 – October 2. The “LPO” is an exciting event attracting players from all over North Carolina as well as neighboring states. For further details see this page.

Another good turnout Thursday. We had 8 participants in the USCF-rated Quick tournament, several players participating in slow casual chess, and a few impromptu blitz games before and after the tournament.

Cross-tables for the tournament are posted here.

20160714_191410 20160721_201646 20160728_203919 20160423_150415 20160721_193013 Lecture


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