Hi all, 

     I just woke up after Thanksgiving leftovers, and broke my strict hibernation schedule to let you guys know about the LAST 2016 tournament for the Winston Salem Chess Club: The Winston Wars Quick VI. This Thursday’s tournament is going to be the familiar Game/15;d3 that you all know and love, and is a great way to get some practice in before a tournament. BUT…there is a twist…
     I am feeling a bit generous, so if our paid turnout for tournament participants exceeds our record of 10 PLAYERS in the second round, I will return the entry fees of the first 11 that showed up, and pay for them myself. Again, this is $3 for non-members, and $1 for members (annual membership is $10)
     The tournament starts promptly at 7:00p.m, December 15, 2016, at the Miller Park Community Center (400 leisure ln, Winston Salem, NC, 27103). This is a 3-round swiss tournament. If you’are a casual player, then it’s okay! We have a game waiting for you. Finally, the winner of this tournament with 3 wins and 0 losses will receive Chess Mazes 1&2 (great study tools for avoiding hanging pieces) and Chess Target Practice (Strategy made simple!!)
Be there or be…somewhere else!
Colonel Sanders
Scholastic Director, Chess Coach
Winston-Salem Chess Club
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