Winston-Salem Chess Club

Important September Events and Beyond!!

September 14, 7pm- weekly rated Thursdays. 

September 21 7pm- weekly rated Thursdays. 

September 28 (MARK THE DATE) 7pm – Club meeting. All members, former officers, and current officers are encouraged to attend, as this meeting is the first under new leadership and will aim to hear the desires of the club as a whole. New business includes new yearly membership rates, the reservation of a new Tuesday location in October, our upcoming nonprofit status, and the club vs club rematch against Greensboro.

October 5, 7p.m. – weekly rated Thursdays. 

October 8, 1p.m. – Checkmate! Rocky Mount – World-famous chess master will be playing multiple boards at once. Information here: ……

October 12, 7p.m. – weekly rated Thursdays. 

October 19, 7p.m. – weekly rated Thursdays. 

October 26, 7p.m. – weekly rated Thursdays. 

November 12, 2017 9am – Club vs Club Match: Winston Salem vs Greensboro. Location: Bennett College

PLAYERS NEEDED TO COMPETE. Contact us to join the rematch.

Hello Chessers!

The Winston-Salem Chess Club’s Monthly Business Meeting is on the last Thursday of every month. The next Meeting will be this Thursday, August 31st at 7p.m. We plan to discuss progress in becoming a non profit organization, membership incentives, school outreach in the county, and new membership dues as of 2018, among other things.

If you would like your voice heard about our tournaments, volunteer opportunities, and club vs club match, please stop by Miller Park Recreation Center this Thursday at 7p.m.




The next edition of the USCF-rated Camel City Open will be held Saturday, August 5, 2017. 

Click the image for to open the announcement (PDF) in a new window: 

Camel City Open

Hi all. A representative of the Greensboro chess club has reached out to me following up on my request to have a rematch between our clubs in SEPTEMBER. The last match ended with 9 -9….a draw. Local players are encouraged to help us break the tie! contact us to be a part of the match!


At long last, the Winston-Salem Chess Club will hold its very own, experimental long games at the club site. This is a great opportunity to get practice in for the Camel City Open, the Greensboro Open, and the Reverse Angle! The Chief Tournament Director hopes that others show support once it is implemented. 

Since this is a trial, We will offer two months of Long Games, then taking the feedback so we can possibly have more rated games in the future.

The Months are AUGUST and NOVEMBER, 1 round per week, 5R SS, G/60;d5. If these go over well, I’ll commit to G/75;d5 for every 5-Thursday month, the next months being March 2018 and May 2018.


Tony Sanders, our outgoing Scholastic Director, has added the option to contact the board to initiate a meetup with our members outside of regular club hours. He hopes that this will increase awareness of the chess club and encourage unrated players to seek to get stronger. Guidelines are:

~It is preferred that two members go together to meet our new friend(s)

~No meeting times after sundown, outside of city limits, in residencies, or in poorly lit areas. Though I’m probably overthinking it, members are encouraged to use their best judgement, especially if they decide to go alone. 


The Library on fifth street, which has been closed for renovations for so long, looks like it is reopening soon. An employee of the library system told me that it may be open before Labor Day. A new Library would offer many opportunities for community events, and more long games. Let’s cross our fingers!

Winston Salem Chess Club Tournaments have been postponed for the time being. The current tournament director would like to get a better idea of the interests of chess club members and non members for different formats of tournaments and games. Voice your opinion here!

WSCC elections are underway! Members of the club ($10 annual fee) have already begun to nominate themselves and others. Attend this Thursday’s meeting (June 22) to be a part of the meeting!

Project Arena has been postponed to the end of JULY at the latest.


Introducing the next tournament for the Winston-Salem Chess Club! A Monthly Rapid tournament Tentatively named ‘The Arena.’ The time control is going to be Game 10 with no delay, a 5-round Swiss Tournament. The entry fee is $5, and the winner will receive a prize. I’d like to pair this with a ladder format, with the current champion playing the challenger (winner of the next tournament) similar to a deathmatch

Since this is underway for the end of June, all tournaments except for the Camel City Open will be cancelled until then. The tournament will be announced at the beginning of June.
Tony Sanders

Hi all,

The Winston Salem Chess Club is happy to announce the second Camel City Open! I’ve made a few edits to the flier. We hope to have an even better turnout that tops our first turnout of 27! Below is the link.In order to pre register, just send me an email and I will add you to the pre-registration list on our Facebook ( ) Thanks.


Tony Sanders,
Tournament Director
Winston Salem Chess Club