Our mission is:

  • To gather regularly to play and study chess on a social and competitive level;
  • To promote chess in our communities and schools;
  • To promulgate good sportsmanship and character among our members;
  • To provide a place of fellowship for all who enjoy “The Royal Game”;
  • And to never discriminate or deny membership to anyone based upon: Race, religion, gender, creed, sexual orientation, nationality, handicap, political affiliation, or familial status.

Our hope is to remain mindful of and responsive to the desires of our members, to listen and respond to their collective ideas, reaching out to incorporate individual dreams into our collective vision. This requires a delicate balance of working together toward common goals, while remaining as responsive as possible to individual desires and needs. We hope to do so in a way which 20160728_203919respects the abilities of each member and incorporates what each is willing/able to offer to enable us to become a more vibrant club, attracting not only our members but the broader chess-playing community.

For the casual player, we hope to provide a venue where one can find competitive matches and enjoy chess, without need to become a dues-paying club member. For those with broader needs, desires, or abilities, we hope to foster their membership and encourage active participation, whether it be in teaching, promoting the club, assisting in conducting tournaments, providing materials of benefit to chess players, composing problems, writing articles, maintaining the website, or doing any number of other chess-related activities to benefit the club and community.

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